Movie and documentary

After working on Željko Senečić's feature movie RED & BLACK, RED studio shot it's first independent narrative film. First fiction film by Costa Ipsa A MATTER of TASTE filmmed by screenplay by Mirela Krneta, was pronounced the best short on British Heart of England International Film Festival

In this short black comedy the lead roles are played by Zvonko Novosel and Zvonko Zečević, a director of photography is Boris Krstinić. 
Beside the Best Short Award, „A Matter of Taste“ was also nominated for Grand Prix in competition with five feature films. The festival screened movies from 31 country around the world, and „A Matter of Taste“ was the only movie from it's region. 
From their very beginings the authors of the film Costa Ipsa and Mirela Krneta found their role models in British film production so this reward from the "heart of England" represents a true acknowledgement for their filmmaking.